Adolescent Wellness Program – Canine and Feline

New in 2014 – Canine and Feline Adolescent Pet Wellness programs.

You’re used to receiving the best care we can offer at Grand River Veterinary Hospital, and you want the best for your furry family member!  We see how difficult it can be to plan financially for pet care, and how, particularly, the first year costs of spaying and neutering offer special challenges.

We have put together a new program to make this easier.  The Canine and Feline Adolescent Wellness plans are designed to make this lifestage more predictable from a financial standpoint, and give you back your peace of mind. The focus is on preventative care, and catching problems early; but not on covering the cost of treatment if a problem is identified. Twelve pre-authorized credit card payments will cover all the services described in the program.

Starting after the 12 to 14 week vaccination boosters, here’s what the plan includes:

The exam and vaccinations at one year;  normal Spaying or Neutering; pain medication post-surgery, pre-anesthetic bloodwork (which is also a baseline for later life), annual baseline urinalysis, either a Heartworm/Tick disease screening (dogs) or FeLeuk/FIV/Heartworm (cats) test, annual fecal test, and as many no-charge exams and pedicures as you need during the 12 months that the contract covers.  This means that if you want to have multiple exam/consultation for your pet during the year, you could save hundreds of dollars!