Travel Training for Kittens and Cats

Think of it – your kitten/cat looks forward to climbing in the kennel when you plan a trip to the veterinarian!  It IS possible, through early and regular association of the kennel as a pleasant and rewarding place to hang out.  If your cat only sees the kennel when they have an appointment at the Vet’s, they quickly associate it with the car ride, and the concern with being in a new place.  If the kennel is always out, and is reinforced with treats or meals fed inside (free access to come and go from the kennel as they please), it takes on a totally different association.  If you use Feliway on the kennel bedding, you are adding to the comfort of the interior space.  Feliway is a man-made analogue of the pheromone that cats place on “their” objects when they rub their faces on them. Only cats can smell this substance (as only dogs can smell the dog pheromones, and people can’t smell either) and it “marks” the kennel as their place.

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