Dr. Jackie Day

Owner Veterinarian

Education: University of Guelph, Ontario Veterinary College

Growing up, I always knew that I was destined to be a veterinarian. After completing my Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Guelph, I ventured on to pursue my doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM) at the Ontario Veterinary College. I graduated with my DVM in June of 2006. I started my career at a clinic in Mississauga and after a year there, I decided it was time for a change. I was lucky enough to land a job with the talented staff at Grand River Veterinary Hospital back in May of 2007. It has been a blast since I started.

I recently have become a partner here with Dr. Hornak and Dr. Robinson ā€“ nothing makes me more excited than knowing Iā€™m here to stay! I am so looking forward to this new venture as part owner. My days at work are filled with examinations, vaccinations, surgery and medical work ups on my sick patients. I enjoy a day full of routine surgeries and love talking and laughing with my patient’s owners. I especially love to hear the funny stories you tell about your furry four-legged family members.

My husband and I have a few furry family members of our own! Our 7 year old Boxer-cross Bosco, or as we call him at home, the “boss man”, is full of energy and a true love for life. He loves to chase and pick on our calico domestic shorthaired cat Maia. She is the sweetest of cats and enjoys sleeping on any lap she can find – and her purring never stops. We are always looking to expand our menagerie of pets but with our 5 year old daughter and our 2.5 yr old son bouncing around, we find ourselves a bit busy! We just made a move too ā€“ a little more space for our growing family of kids and pets. Outside of work I keep busy with fitness, hiking, cottage life and, of course, family life.

I look forward to seeing you at your next annual exam and hearing all about your beloved pets. My goal is to make sure you are comfortable and trusting of the care your pets are receiving and that you know how much your pets’ well being means to me, and us, at GRVH.