Dr. Paul Robinson

Owner Veterinarian

Education: Ontario Veterinary College

Becoming a veterinarian was the only real profession I can remember wanting to follow. I have been around horses from the age of five, and truly have a love of animals. Starting at age fourteen, I spent many days travelling on farm calls with a large animal veterinarian. After graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College, I worked in mixed animal practices in Listowel and Cambridge, Ontario prior to opening the Grand River Veterinary Hospital, in January of 1995. Living and working in Caledonia has given me the opportunity to develop many long-term relationships with clients. I have seen their pets grow from puppies and kittens into pet senior citizens and I have seen their families grow from children to adults.

Since I graduated, the level of care we are able to provide our patients has changed dramatically. One certainly can never stop learning in this profession if you are to provide the level of care we expect to give our patients and clients.  Veterinary medicine truly is a challenging and rewarding profession.