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Grand River Veterinary Hospital

2 Dogs Lying on a Red Hammock Together

Canon's Cause

There are homes waiting for them when we get them healthy!

Number of dogs rehomed to date: over 3000

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Canon the dog

Many people are well aware of the animal victims of Hurricane Katrina and other homeless dog problems in the USA. Sadly, most do not know about the homeless dogs right here in our own backyard. A huge number of dogs in Southern Ontario are suffering homelessness due to overpopulation and neglect.

These are not ‘bad dogs’ but just dogs who find themselves in desperate circumstances through no fault of their own. As a result, they are malnourished, suffering from severe parasite infestations, and dying of heartworm and other preventable diseases.

Canon’s Cause is there to provide financial help for the treatment of all medical conditions of previously homeless dogs. Foster parents donate their time, home, patience, and, most importantly, their love. Veterinarians donate their professional time and skills. Medications, supplies, food, and equipment require money. Would you please consider joining Canon’s Cause? Your donation will save the lives of many deserving dogs!

**We are so sad to report that we lost Canon in August 2017 to bone cancer.  He is terribly missed by his family and by all the people whose lives he touched.  He was the ultimate rescued dog, a wonderful companion dog, and the best ambassador for his Cause.  We work in his name!**

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